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Summer 2007 Updates

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  • Donna Young
    Hello, below are the most recent updates to http://donnayoung.org: ================================================= ============== Summer 2007 Updates
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9 4:56 PM
      Hello, below are the most recent updates to http://donnayoung.org:

      ============== Summer 2007 Updates ==============

      There have been many major changes this summer.

      Homeschool Forms
      The homeschool forms section has been completely redone with new
      files and rearranged to match the typical sequence associated with
      building a planner. This year's files use the font: Bookman Old
      Style. Most of the old planners have been replaced by the new

      The Microsoft Word planners are now bundled in a zip file as one
      When I have time, the Microsoft Excel files will also be bundled.

      Excel Weekly Planner
      I made a new weekly planner which requires Microsoft Excel. It
      allows you to customize three weekly planner forms before printing.
      Dates are automatically entered based on your starting date. The
      planner title and subject names are imported to the 3 weekly
      planners. Plans can be typed into the planners before printing.

      Excel Grades and Attendance
      This file has been updated once again today. Earlier changes were
      the addition of 2 more subjects, bringing the total of subjects up
      to 10 and the addition of adding weighted grades. Today's change is
      minor but will be helpful to those who turn in semester grades. The
      subject pages now show stand alone semester grades.

      Unfortunately parts of penmanship have been taken offline
      permanently. Not only that, but penmanship as a whole will be
      offline once in a while until I move to a different server. As of
      this writing it is offline. Penmanship uses more than its share of
      server resources and since the main goal of donnayoung.org is
      homeschool organization and not penmanship, I can't allow penmanship
      to hog server resources and possibly cause the entire web site to
      shut down. Once I find a new server with more server resources for
      donnayoung.org, I can have penmanship online all the time once
      again. If I were pressed to make a schedule for penmanship open
      times, I will say that after today, it will be open on Mondays,
      Tuesdays, and Wednesdays unless something comes up.

      Donna Young
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