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Re: [dogwaffle] TTC ? TTC ?

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  • Lim Siew Cheng
    Hmm... I changed this ( j=0; j
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 10 7:27 PM
      I changed this
      ( j=0; j<tables; j++)
      (int j=0; j<tables; j++)

      I'm not attaching the .exe within this message, becos not everyone wants it.
      If you want it, I can send it to u via another mail


      kelly christiansen wrote:
      > --- Lim Siew Cheng <siew_cheng555@...> wrote:
      >>After half a day, I found a source ttc2ttf.cpp...after amending the code
      >>, I managed to get a binary (ttc2ttf.exe) !! (yes yes)
      > where?
      > amending the code? what did you do exactly?

      - May all beings be happy! -
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