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Manipulation of Language

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  • Rory Braddell
    There is a headline in today’s Washington Post: “Jury Finds Moussaoui Eligible to Die”.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2006
      There is a headline in today’s Washington Post: “Jury Finds Moussaoui Eligible to Die”.


      I thought that being “eligible” had something to do with democracy! I seem to have the words: “eligible to vote” going around in my head so I looked it up at the Oxford University Press in total disbelieve. Of course, I was right, because in addition to forming a common lexical combination with the verb “to vote,” it can mean “availability for marriage.”

      ▶ adjective
      those people eligible to vote: ENTITLED, permitted, allowed, qualified, able.
      an eligible bachelor: DESIRABLE, suitable; available, single, unmarried, unattached, unwed.

      © Oxford University Press 1995, 2002

      I realise that this is another sadistic attempt by the Bush and the Republican controlled media to pervert the English Language. It is the tenancy to use positive sounding words to window dress barbaric acts. I think that this is an attempt at the actual redefinition of language in order to soften brutality and make it acceptable to a wider audience. I think that we are all fed up of a stupid diet of expressions like “rendering” instead of “torture” and so on. This is the sort of euphemisms that we see every day regarding the pro-Israeli lobby in the US, and their war against the Palestinians, which they like to call a “conflict”!



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