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Zosia's query

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  • Graham S Hall
    Hi Just following on from Rob s message about the Global Issues SIG - absolutely, I think if Zosia s question were raised there, it d generate quite a lot of
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2005

      Just following on from Rob's message about the Global Issues SIG -
      absolutely, I think if Zosia's question were raised there, it'd generate
      quite a lot of interest (not that it won't here, of course). Mind you, i
      think that about half the dogme and GISIG discussions realte to each other
      in some way (not that I'm counting



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      1. Re: EFL = Earn F-ing Lots (of dosh)
      From: "zosia grudzinska" <zosia_g@...>
      2. Zosia's query
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      Message: 1
      Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 20:41:08 +0100
      From: "zosia grudzinska" <zosia_g@...>
      Subject: Re: EFL = Earn F-ing Lots (of dosh)

      Dr Evil wrote:
      > the majority of EFL (or more acurately - Englisgh as a school
      language) is
      > taught by non-native teachers in state schools. Many of these teachers
      > 5 year degrees and teaching qualifications, and many are incredibly
      > dedicated spending time and money (which they have little of) on
      > to develop.

      hear, hear!

      thanks, Dr Not-so Evil. On behalf of the "dedicated although
      group of public education NNS TEFLers I am deeply grateful for your

      Know what, just today as I was driving to school admiring the incredible
      beauty of the arctic winter landscape (teaching NorthEast of Poland
      sometimes feels like the Arctic, global warming notwithstanding!) I was
      reflecting on the fact taht quite often I feel the lines of the
      discourse crossed/crossing - many of the participants belong to the
      sector, EFL teaching for those individuals who have made a special
      to attend the course in their spare time and who are paying money...
      who, on
      top of that, often "begin" having already had the benefit of a few or
      years of public school instruction. Thus, the "learner" in mind is:
      or at least teenage, often coming from the middle-class background,
      motivated to the extent of volunteering to learn (although I do realize
      this is not necessarily identical with authentic dedication to the
      my typical "learner" is: a young kid or a teenager, forced to attend
      which is mostly a crowded, user-unfriendly institution; only occasionaly
      highly intelligent or possessing an aptitude for languages. still,
      the limitations, everyone deserves the best quality instruction.
      though, the curriculum, format and content will not be similar to those
      of a
      typical language school (to best suit the learner's needs and
      it would be itneresting to delve into the issue - how does/should the
      learning/teaching process differ to best accomodate the differences


      Message: 2
      Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 12:16:30 -0800
      From: "Robert M. Haines" <haines@...>
      Subject: Zosia's query

      Dear Zosia,

      Your query about education could well be taken up on the Global Issues
      SIG as well as dogme if you're interested.


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