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17817Re: [dogme] Re: Using a Dogme lesson with a difficult General Director

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  • philawade
    Jul 22, 2014
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      I tested a similar theory on my MA. There was a question about at what age we suggested children should learn a foreign language at school. The course reading had explained a set age and argued that it got harder after, maybe 10. I didn't agree so instead of just repeating or copying and pasting, I put 12 and explained that it was due to maturity and the ability to match L2 learning onto L1 concepts. I then gave examples from my own experience of kids mixing everything up.

      I failed so I rewrote it and just repeated what the teacher had taught and put in her book. 

      I passed.

      It re confirmed the opinion of my CELTA tutor who said "you do what you are told and expected to do in order to get where you want to be". Now, I agree that for some teachers in primary and middle schools this adhering to set rules and methods is exactly what is needed maybe but still, I hope there is some teaching and support for personal growth. 

      Perhaps with all these chains and strictly following set courses and guidelines we are in danger of not creating the next generation of TEFL leaders. Maybe the hay day was 20 years ago when a lot of the famous books came out.

      On this note, I wonder how unaccredited TEFL courses work. I guess they are quite free to teach what they want and how.
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