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17810Re: [dogme] Re: Using a Dogme lesson with a difficult General Director

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  • Dennis Newson
    Jul 15, 2014
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      Phil and Amanda and list,

      I think what is being described here is what happens when an institution has a policy of open enrollment. I worked within such a system for over 30 years - a university department in North Germany. It was impossible to know if you would have 2 students or 200 for a course.  And attendances for week 1 were totally misleading. Students shopped  around for the first couple of weeks. Those attending week two could contain 50% who had not attended the first session, and half of the those who were present in week 1 did not attend for week 2. My rule of thumb was to regard week 3 as the real start of a new course. Typically week three tended to contain a mix of those who had made a test attendance in week 1 and week 2. Since, in those days, for ideological reasons, we did not allow ourselves to make class lists or conduct initial or final tests there  was always for at least three weeks an atmosphere of easy-going, confusing, creative, anarchic chaos. But semesters were a ridiculous 16 - 18 weeks long and after a month everything dropped  into place and the people one had at the end of the first month tended to stay with one for the rest of the semester, if not for the whole of their university career!

      But I'm describing the past .My wife teaches part-time in my old university. Students now  have to register online for all courses. Registration is timed and the window of opportunity is very narrow.  You can only register as from 09:00 local time on a given date, and the number of registrations is limited. Within 45 minutes my wife's courses are full and she ends up with a waiting list of about 150 - 200. The 150 - 200  can try to do deals with students the system has accepted, otherwise they have to try again the next time this particular course is offered again.


      On 14 July 2014 23:05, philawade@... [dogme] <dogme@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Hi Amanda,

      I had something like that a few times. Continual enrollment and irregular attendance is not ideal but becomes normal at one point. Eventually, I just did one-off lessons that built up so I could do a test at the end. I had one course where there were 400 in the first lecture and about 5 by the last and in between those, probably 100 changed.




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