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17801Using a Dogme lesson with a difficult General Director

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  • mel.morva
    Jul 12, 2014
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      I am turning to you with a request for help. I am teaching a rather strong-willed General Director on a one-on-one lesson. He refuses to work with "traditional" material based on course books, grammar exercises, "too long" reading/listening, basically anything that other students are happy to use. He takes some notes that he never revises and he hates revising with me as he finds it embarrassing. 

      He's 50, has been in top management all his life and loves his own authority. He's got some pretty badly fossilized language habits which he hates to have corrected/worked on. No material I brought in had much success and I am becoming desperate : (

      I've figured he'd be a great object for Dogme classes, but given his pickiness, I am at a loss about how to proceed now after so many vain attempts. 

      Would anyone be able to give me some hints? 

      Thanks a million!


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