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17797Re: [dogme] Re: Dogme Business English ebook

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  • philawade
    Jul 7, 2014
      Yes, I know. I was doing about 10 hours teaching in 3 different places last year. It was exhausting but you have to do what you get offered as if you turn it down, you may lose it forever.

      When I started out, I did about 5-6 hours a day on average. The rest was planning. That went up later and eventually planning time was a luxury so was lunch.

      I completely understand why some teachers sit atheir desks, give handouts and let them get on with it. Well, it is easy and you can do 8 hours like that. When I was 22, I could teach lots and run round the class. I am a bit older now but I still don't like sitting down for 2 hours. If you look at sickness and exhaustion, it makes sense to do less and stay well. this isn't possible though and is why I know plenty of teachers on sick leave and who have been for years.

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