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  • Dennis Newson
    Jul 6, 2014
      Phil. The question of stamina you raise and of how much energy aware, sensitve teaching takes is a very real issue, but one which I have rarely seen addressed.


      On 6 July 2014 18:39, philawade@... [dogme] <dogme@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Hi Dennis,

      I teach in various places and one of them is, like you say, a place where there is no budget. When it rains, I have to use my umbrella or stand where the puddles or drips won't soak me. Our previous 'limited' copy budget has gone it seems and so I am where I like to be i.e. approaching lessons with minimal input to maximum speaking. People rarely bring anything, even pens and paper. This situation scare some teachers, it would have scared me for the first few years of my career. The million dollar question is:

      How can you plan a mixed ability speaking course of 2 hour lessons without copies?

      When I was first getting into Dogme, I was using the Jason Renshaw lesson structure of speaking followed by language focus. This worked really great with motivated small groups who were being let off the leash for the first time ever. 

      With 20/30 A1-B2 less motivated students taking English as their second or third language, it is more problematic. 

      I don't know about other people but Dogme teaching takes a lot out of me as I really teach to my full potential and have to be constant aware and reactive. Doing 6 or 8 hours like that every day is tiring. Here then, we tackle the issue of sustainability. 




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