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17791Re: [dogme] Re: Dogme Business English ebook

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  • philawade
    Jul 4, 2014
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      We joke but I did once work in a corporate school that had a lounge and free drinks on day one and the last. Also, almost nightly entertaining. I never went but I think it was mainly theatre, drinks and maybe more drinks.

      I do wonder how important all those trimmings are. I see lots of attention being put on these benefits like a nice brochure, classroom, events etc but much less on the teachers and classes. If you add on the exam focus, there isn't much energy left or interest in lessons and learning.

      I very rarely hear people say "that was a great lesson" or "he's a brilliant teacher" or "I really learn a lot".

      For about 5 years, I've wanted to do an experimental class on Wednesdays of Fridays for free. The original idea was to invite any students for a free class i.e. like the CELTA but let teachers try out new things. One place asked about doing it with local staff as the students but nobody signed up. 

      In this situation, people would really vote with their feet. Whether they stay because they have 'fun' or because they learn is the real question I am interested in I guess.

      Anyhow, I plan to try it next term if feasible at lunch. I think Luke Meddings did something similar years ago when he was experimenting with Dogme.  
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