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  • M C Johnstone
    Dec 21, 2013
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      If learning is experience that results in change then change can be evidence of learning. In an educational context - whether that is institutional or not - change is normally intended, then directed. 
      I want to learn how to do something specific; I want to understand something in particular ... 
      I know I have learned when I can do this or when I can say I understand that. To know this, I must measure something. 
      So, in a formalized context, the change that occurs must be measurable in some way. It does not matter whether or not we know how to measure it, but it must be measurable.
      I agree that much, if not all, of the "measurement" done in institutional settings is trivial or irrelevant - this is especially so in EFL - but this does not mean that learners themselves are not aware of their progress quite independently of their marks. If they were not aware of this, they would not continue.
      On the other hand, learners can be given marks that move them through a system while they are aware that they are learning nothing at all. Education and learning are not necessarily the same thing.
      On Sat, Dec 21, 2013, at 07:48 PM, Dennis Newson wrote:

      There is so much to say here - but one essential point to make is the total inappropriateness of metricism as appropriate to educational endeavour. "How many out of 10?" just not work in a process that involves insights, human understanding, intuition, creativity, shyness, self-confidence, rapport.......... It is tempting to simply and say:   "True education is concerned with the unmeasurable."


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