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Re: RV towing.

hook up and go. ... -- Leonard K. Pennock AD7AS Those who walk bravely through life, unafraid of loss or failure, find that they very rarely lose or fail.
Leonard K. Pennock
May 4, 2014

Re: cyl. head gasket replacement?

as long as the motor assuming you are running too much over stock boost levels. If you want to run high boost you should put ARP:studs in which can be done
Leonard K. Pennock
May 4, 2014

RV towing.

suggestions needed on towing a big RV with my 94 2500 with 250,000 miles on the all original drive train?
May 4, 2014

cyl. head gasket replacement?

I have a 1994 2500 with 250,000 miles on it and was wondering how long will the head gasket last on these?
May 4, 2014

Re: injector pump

look here: http://www.mwfi.com/VP44.htm That's a good price if it includes labor.
Jan 11, 2012

injector pump

any body replace an injector pump lately? i have a 2000 ram that the pump went bad. i have a price of $1500 for a re-manned one. anybody have any ideas on a
Jan 11, 2012

(no subject)

hv alot of busses we r selling trucks also alot of antique vehicles a diamond rio trk ect. ~if interested 209~271~8063 is my cell number ~im jason
Jason Taunton
Dec 6, 2011

Re: brake light comes on????

Assuming you have a diesel. Vacuum pump going bad. -- Leonard K. Pennock (AD7AS) Sent from my Droid. boatman_42 wrote: My 94 Dodge
Leonard Pennock
Nov 3, 2011

Re: brake light comes on????

Check the lines going to the master brake cylinder or the spool in the master cylinder may be sticking Marty [Non-text portions of this message have been
Marty Zolton
Oct 27, 2011

Re: brake light comes on????

... Date: Saturday, October 22, 2011 9:30:30 am To: dodgecumminsdieseltruckclub@yahoogroups.com From: "boatman_42" Subject: [Dodge
Jason Taunton
Oct 25, 2011

Re: brake light comes on????

I'm not an expert by any means, but it sounds like your vacuum pump is getting weak. I would think that it would be able to replenish the vacuum even at idle
Tim W
Oct 23, 2011

brake light comes on????

My 94 Dodge 2500 2wd with a/t has a problem when you repeatedly press the brake peddle like when backing down a boat launch ramp. The brake peddle gets stiff
Oct 22, 2011

wanted dodge duelly w350 up to 1993 parts or parts truck.

wanted dodge duelly w350 up to 1993 parts or parts truck. have 93 d350 looking to make it 4x4 also looking for ve inj. pump
Oct 4, 2011

p pump

i need gov parts for a p pump also all the seals ?????????????? jack
Sep 18, 2010

southbend clutch parts

I have a southbend clutch system "parts for sale" Fits a 2002 Dodge high output turbo diesel with the six speed trans. The fingers are worn out but there is
Gregory and Darlene
Sep 6, 2010
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