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  • Democrat Arek Laczak
    For all followers of real democracy Do you want to introduce real democracy in your country? It is possible. Please send this whole information to all
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2002
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      For all followers of real democracy

      Do you want to introduce real democracy in your country? It is possible. Please send this whole information to all supporters of it you know.
      As you know real democracy guarantees peace and prosperity. Peace because it gives equal and just power to all people - all entitled citizens at least. Prosperity because every man must be self-reliant taking decisions in real (best direct)democracy and this releases full thinking and consciousness and initiative in main spheres of life.
      To introduce real effective democracy in your country (on condition that it is democratic country) use yours State Constitution or the highest law, and verify number of voters at yours last nationwide elections. If there was attendance lower than 50%, or (the) elect which take(s) sway over the nation has/have electoral backing of fewer than 50% of all citizens who have right of vote check out yours constitutional/highest law's regulations relative to yours democratic system.
      I have been introducing real direct democracy in my country - in Poland, and I explain you how you can do it in your country by analogy.
      I know that only direct democracy can give us maximum prosperity; and participation at last all-Polish parliamentary elections of only 46% of all entitled to vote citizens and only 25% of actual electoral support for new government gives real chance to exchange indirect for direct democracy in the name of respect of the Constitution which claim in 2. article that our country is lawful democratic state. Democracy means rules of majority, not minority (all citizens must be considered in democracy). So if only arithmetical minority of them want to have representative(s) - and indirect democracy - or there rule(s) reprentative(s) of arithmetical minority it means demand for real, direct democracy.
      Polish constitution does enact in 4. article that the Nation, who is the superior power in Poland, rules by representatives or directly. And authorities must act within the bounds of the Constitution - the supreme law in Poland accordingly to its 7. and 8. article. The Nation is sovereign, not the representatives. Democratic Nation rules indirectly or directly but in majority. If rules minority it is against sense of democracy.
      Democratic rules in elections need not to mean democracy in fact. Democracy means that rules majority of the Nation (more than 50% in any case).
      Polish constitution has not stated Poland as a representativecractic, a partycratic or a minoritycratic but a democratic state!
      I contact with proper officials - members of parliament, government and with court of justice, of course. I am sure that direct democracy will be our Polish political system this year 2002 (best in correspondence referendum form which will guarantee always high attendance).
      I also act unofficially encouraging people to democratization of public, political life.

      If it helps you in your aspirations you may repay with a contribution on my bank account number: 19401076-46371957 at Lukas Bank in Poland (only Polish currency, you can exchange your currency for Polish).
      Arek Laczak.

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