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Fic: "Purity" (PG) Satoshi/Daisuke

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  • tiamats_child
    Title: Purity Rating: PG Pairing: Satoshi/Daisuke Genre: Romance/Angst Disclaimer: Not mine! I don t really want them either, cause then I d have to feed
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2002
      Title: Purity
      Rating: PG
      Pairing: Satoshi/Daisuke
      Genre: Romance/Angst
      Disclaimer: Not mine! I don't really want them either, 'cause then I'd
      have to feed them.
      Summary: Satoshi contemplates Daisuke and gets very strange.


      Tiamat's Child

      When I was very young my mother had a lover. I remember her being a
      lovely woman, with grey eyes that were as soft as thistledown and long
      black hair that shone like water on a moonless night. She was always
      kind and gentle and good. It was hard to turn away from her, even when
      it was necessary.

      She melted my mother's walls in ways I never could manage. She would
      step through her defenses as if they were nothing more then thin
      sheets of gauze. She was strong, in ways that had nothing to do with
      power. My mother, who had promised herself she would never love
      anything, loved her helplessly.

      And so did I.

      She was so bright, so clear. Her body had been formed from flesh into
      a vessel for the most beautiful, intense light there ever could be.
      She was intoxicating to be near, so warm and comforting that it was
      almost overwhelming.

      But a light like that was never meant for a human to hold. It was too
      much, even for someone as wonderful as she was. Despite her strength
      the light raged out of control within her, becoming a flame so searing
      it hut to look.

      Her light ate her from within. It destroyed her body, devouring her
      muscle and flesh to fuel its growth. The thinner and weaker she became
      the stronger her light grew. By the time she died her presence was
      overpowering to the point of pain.

      My mother said that it was cancer that killed her, but I knew better.
      Her light consumed her. I watched it take her and I know.

      The same thing will happen to you.

      Oh, not exactly the same thing. You and she are different, after all,
      but it will be much the same. You will dissolve into nothing, eaten
      away from within by your own purity.

      You are beautiful and fleeting, like the first flush of autumn on the
      leaves. A splash of soft, warm darkness that I can dream of sheltering
      in, even though I know it will not happen. You are too lovely to last.
      Too perfect for me to hold.

      And now you ask me why I like you. Why do you need to ask? Do you
      really have no idea how incredible you are? No, of course you don't.
      You are far too modest to see your beauty, and no one ever comments on
      it, so you see yourself as nothing special, just another boy. Nothing
      could be further from the truth.

      What do I tell you?

      "Because you're warm." The words slip out before I have time to ponder

      Your eyes widen and a look of startled disbelief crosses your face. I
      suddenly have an insane urge to lean in, cover your lips with mine,
      and *show* you how perfect you are. I could caress you, touch you, and
      leave absolutely no doubt in your mind that you are the most precious
      thing in the world to me.

      I catch myself from going so just in time. I might very well have
      kissed you if it hadn't been for Krad's warning growl. This is
      probably the first time I've ever been grateful for his interference.

      I pull back and step away, trying to lessen the temptation to kiss
      you. It does not help a great deal. Why do you have to be so desirable
      as well as lovely? I have met many people who are nearly as beautiful
      as you, but none of them have made me want them the way I want you.

      I don't know why it is you that I feel this way for. It does not make
      much sense. I should not feel anything for anyone least of all you.

      Krad hates you, you know. He hates that I dare to look at you, that it
      is hard for me to keep my eyes off you. He hates you for having me and
      he hates you even more for not knowing that fact. He wishes to kill
      you because you are Dark, but he wants to do so as slowly and
      painfully as possible because I love you.

      I won't let him. I won't! I won't let anyone hurt you, least of all
      him. Least of all me.

      I turn and walk away. I can't stay, not with you looking like you do.
      Not with me being who I am. Not when I can't look at you without a
      surge of wanting. I need you far too much, and it isn't fair to you to
      push that on you.

      So I'll walk away. If you call after me I'll come back, but I won't
      stay if you don't want me. It's too dangerous, too much of a

      You don't call to me. But that's all right, I didn't expect you to.
      Why would you?

      << I'm the only one who wants you. I'm the only one who'll ever want
      you.>> Krad's voice is smug.

      <…I know.>

      But I'll always come running if you call, even if you don't want
      anything more then a helping hand. And I won't go too far, I can't.
      I'll be there at the end, if you want me there, and I'll hold your
      hand as your beauty burns you away to nothing. And love you all the
      more for it.
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