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DeLorean Mac Mini Podcast Volume 7

Hey DeLorean Fans, A new episode of the DeLorean Mac Mini Podcast is now available. Paul Brian, an owner from North Las Vegas, has made a radical set of
Apr 17

Who's Delorean

Who's Delorean is this? It was at my buddy's building in Chicago near the Airport.(ORD) ... Sent from my iPhone [Non-text portions of this message have been
John's Email
Apr 16

Re: DeLorean's in Dorthern Virginia

Been off the list for a few years, but thought I would check in.. and saw this- Not sure if anyone responded, but DeLorean Mid-Atlantic serves the Washington
Marc Levy
Apr 16

Delorean Full Size Power Windows Instructional Video Coming in the n

Well folks, it has been almost 20 years since the 1st set of DeLorean Full Size Power windows were designed, constructed and installed. It will be posted on
Apr 16

Re: Digest Number 6570

Umm..not anger..just commenting on someone who is obviously trying to take advantage of people or situations....I will not mention any names..but just a
Apr 15

Re: Digest Number 6570

Oh he forgot to mention the car is included.. That should make sense! That's some much neededlight Humor...just sayin Sent from my iPhone ... Oh he forgot to
John's Email
Apr 15

Re: Delorean club event

Thank you Justin Bob Sent from my iPhone ( ')> )))) ` `
Apr 15

Re: Digest Number 6570

Claude, Do we really need a comment like this? I don’t believe so. You don’t have to buy it, you don’t have to comment it. If you don’t like the price
Apr 15

Re: Digest Number 6570

Geeze... And he has the NERVE to post here to try to sell his overpriced $hit....I am assuming he thinks all Delorean owners have unlimited income.. He owns
Apr 15

Re: Delorean club event

Hi Bob, The DeLorean Mid-Atlantic club has an upcoming event on Saturday May 2 at Shore Toyota in Mays Landing, NJ. The website is still out there, but most of
Apr 15

Delorean club event

I have been out of the loop regarding the next Delorean event. I live in NJ. Can someone tell me what website to go to to get the latest info on Delorean get
Apr 14

The Latest DeLorean Tech upgrade by Paul Brian Broadcast

Delorean Mac Mini Podcast 7 is now live on the Wizards on Wheels youtube channel. You can see the latest and most comprehensive DeLorean Tech upgrade.
Apr 14

Re: [DML] Toby Tabs, New in package, ebay auction.

I believe DMC Midwest are now offering Inconel TABs at somewhere under $150 iirc Sent from my HTC steam powered catapult ... From: "funkstuf@...
Martin Gutkowski
Apr 14

Re: Toby Tabs, New in package, ebay auction.

I would sell my Toby Tabs for $50 less, anybody interested ? OK, a bit used, but hey last forever...and they come in a new bag and box !
Apr 14

Re: Digest Number 6570

That's one expensive Bolt=$445 Each Sent from my iPhone ... That's one expensive Bolt=$445 Each Sent from my iPhone On Apr 14, 2015, at 10:54 AM, Shannon Yocom
John's Email
Apr 14
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