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Re: Remembering JZD (10 years ago)

It was 10 years ago today that many of us heard that JZD had passed away. Thanks to the ODOC for creating a JZD Tribute page from some of the photos outside
Mar 19

Re: DeLorean's in Dorthern Virginia

I'm not in northern virginia but there are a few of us in Richmond, VA. Jack
Jack Singer
Mar 17

DeLorean's in Dorthern Virginia

I would like to connect with other DeLorean owners in the DC/NOVA area. My DeLorean resides primarily in Front Royal but I drive it in Northern Virginia fairly
David Silek
Mar 17

Re: Long Time DeLorean Owner, Paul Legutki, passed away

Paul Legutki passed away March 11, 2015. He was 68. God's Speed, Mr Legutki! Many DML members will remember Paul Legutki as ChicagoPaul here on the DML.
Mar 16

ANOTHER Delorean sighting!

Well, I was watching "Hardcore Pawn" the other evening, and Gary drives up in a Delorean wanting to sell it to the Pawn Shop. He said he acquired it from his
robert parker
Mar 15

Re: SS Alternator Tensioners (Ver. 2)

Hi Jordan, Sorry you didn't like the video. Our friend Steve made it, and because I don't own a 2.85L PRV myself, it was the only way to show the bracket
Mar 12

Re: SS Alternator Tensioners (Ver. 2)

The video was 20 minutes of my life ill never get back.... Perhaps a diagram would have made more sense. The supplied bolt and receiver is too large for my
Mar 11

Re: DeLorean sighting

As far as music videos, my VIN 1150 has been in a few nice ones, primarily featured quite prominently in the Maclemore Thrift Shop parody "Pot Shop", and shown
Mar 10

Re: DeLorean sighting

That was Nick Roedl's DMC LS1 .. Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network. From: gmfm1@... [dmcnews] Sent: Monday,
Doug Menkhaus
Mar 9

Re: DeLorean sighting

About a year a go, I saw a Raising Hope episode that had a Delorean as a prominent part of the show and in a Car Fix episode, they worked on a Delorean with a
Mar 9

Re: DeLorean sighting

And the currently running show The Goldbergs" NK
Nick Kemp
Mar 9

Re: DeLorean sighting

2010 features the DeLorean in an advertisement. All you see is the door opening shot from below. Nick 897 ... resting and ready for spring! robert parker
Nick Kemp
Mar 9

Re: DeLorean sighting

Wedding singer also had one, Glenn drove one. There was something I saw recently that had one can't think of it off the top of my head. Then of course there
David Rucker
Mar 9

Re: DeLorean sighting

I watched an old episode of Miami Vice Sun. afternoon, "Glades", from 1984. One of the shots near the Everglades showed 2 cars nose to nose. One was a 'ho-hum'
robert parker
Mar 8

Re: BTTF Clock tower scene in LEGO

That is awesome! Thanks for sharing Tom. Converting and sending to my tablet now! Michael On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 5:20 PM, 'Tom' dmctom@... [dmcnews]
Michael C. Babb
Mar 6
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