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Real Hoverboard!

May 23

Re: Never drive without a dash camera

Personally, I would have first sent them a link privately asking them to drop the charge first rather than trying to publically shame them via their facebook
Christopher Hawes
May 23

Re: Never drive without a dash camera

Hopefully your video evidence will play better with the judge than it did with Officer Derreck Robert. Good luck. Sent from my iPad
Rod Dillman
May 22

Never drive without a dash camera

Sorry for posting this as it isn't 100% Delorean related. I just want to make sure everyone is aware of how important it is to protect yourself when driving.
Stephen Rice
May 22

Re: Stolen DeLorean Parts

Will do Sent from my iPhone
May 21

Re: Stolen DeLorean Parts

Likely they took the truck to strip and sell common parts from it. They might assume delorean parts as junk or of low value and just ditch them. Hopefully the
Kevin Abato
May 21

Re: Stolen DeLorean Parts

Keep your eyes peeled on CraigsList.
Miles Smith
May 21

Stolen DeLorean Parts

Hello, all! I wish I were posting under happier circumstances, but I just had a truck stolen in Tomball; just North of Houston, and, with it, a large
May 20

Flux Capacitor Electronic Guts Kits

If you've ever wanted to build your own Flux Capacitor but didn't know how to make the electronics part, now you're in luck. Up for sale on eBay is my Flux
May 9

I'm out

I agree with everything written here. Rob, I back you 100%. With that, this is my last post to the DML; I'm leaving this group as of now. Membership of 2267 is
Joshua Schwartz
May 2

Re: DMC Draw

Are you talking to me, Mark, or yourself? I can’t even read your writing it’s so fractured and I’ve addressed every snippet of your accusations
Rob Grady
May 1

Re: DMC Draw

I just want my free car. Steve Rice #16510 DMCToday.com Sent using CloudMagic [https://cloudmagic.com/k/d/mailapp?ct=pa&cv=5.0.32&pv=4.4.2] On Fri, May 01,
Stephen Rice
May 1

Re: DMC Draw

Well Rob thought soo..otherwise he would not have screwed over the other vendor to get them...
May 1

Re: Giving away my DeLorean Time Machine

I'm in. Skeptical but I'm in. Sent from my iPhone ... I'm in. Skeptical but I'm in. Sent from my iPhone On Apr 23, 2015, at 8:34 AM, boB Delorean3@...
Alexander Wolf
May 1

Claude comments..

Actually, Claude- I was referring to all of the mailing lists you have (had?) on Yahoo, where you would have conversations with yourself using different email
Marc Levy
May 1
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