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Re: Wanted Gas Flap Door

I've got one...attached to my gas flap hood that I have for sale.
Apr 30

Re: Cat bypass pipe.

You could just have a piece of straight pipe welded into your existing cat or just gut it. I have a spare cat for sale if you're looking to keep yours and
Apr 24

Cat bypass pipe.

Does anyone know of a source in the states for a catalytic converter bypass pipe? The only one I can find online is in the UK. ThanksSteve
Stephen Jaeger
Apr 24

Wanted Gas Flap Door

Does anyone have a gas flap door for sale? Bob
Bob Brandys
Apr 12

2017 Delorean Weekend Registration is now Open! Our biggest show ye

Registration for Delorean Weekend is now open. (If you have already registered, you donÆt need to re register.) This yearÆs show is an extra day long because
Bob Brandys
Apr 12

Re: Polo DeLorean Embroidered Shirts.

I have both sizes in black still avail its the last black large I have two medium ... From: Lee Duckett katduck23@... [dmcnews]
Mar 2

Re: Polo DeLorean Embroidered Shirts.

Is there still one in black large available? If not the, in medium,? I'm interested. Lee Duckett On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 11:53 AM, kKoncelik@... [dmcnews]
Lee Duckett
Mar 2

Calling All Northern Cali DeLorean Owners...

We are DeLorean Owners in NJ and have done fund raisers for schools in our area but here is the problem... my 8 y/o grandson lives in San Francisco and his
Feb 26

Rare DeLorean Item For Sale

Robert Lamrock
Feb 25

Re: Raffle Delrean on May 5th 2017

This raffle was also recently opened up to international buyers, as well! James On Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 9:21 AM, birdwells@... [dmcnews]
James Espey
Feb 20

Raffle Delrean on May 5th 2017

There is a Delorean that will be raffled off on May 5th in Houston. This raffle is to benefit Nora's Home, a non-profit organization set up to help families
Feb 20

Re: Polo DeLorean Embroidered Shirts.

Ken, What do they look like? Thanks, Steve Jarvis
Feb 15

Polo DeLorean Embroidered Shirts.

These are the Polo shirts I have sold for years at the DCS car show My inventory is getting low so this is all I have left if you are interested I am selling
Feb 15

Re: DCS Magazines, shirts, watches and cards

Ditto on that size also? Tony Get Outlook for Android On Fri, Feb 3, 2017 at 2:07 PM -0800, "darkstarmedia darkstarmedia@... [dmcnews]"
Feb 15

Digital DeLorean Dashboard Shown at DeLorean Weekend 2016

For those of you who did not attend DeLorean Weekend last year. Here is Kevin KrinnÆs presentation at the dinner Banquet. Looking to put a digital Dash into
Bob Brandys
Feb 14
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