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BTTF Clock tower scene in LEGO Hi, I just came across a very interesting article. Someone must have been really obsessed with BTTF and the car and they made the entire clock tower scene in

4:20 PM

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DeLorean paiting Hi, I have another crazy idea and I’m looking for someone interested ;) A friend of mine is a painter and we just had a conversation tonight about his work.

4:09 PM

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Are we all Cubs fans now? Go Cubs! http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nbc-yahoo-sports/museum-to-raffle--back-to-the -future--deloran-if-cubs-win-2015-world-series-161122937-mlb.html

Ronnie Demer
Mar 3

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DeLorean needed at Columbia University Anyone interested in helping this guy out? Please contact him directly. Next weekend we are having this student computer programming/invention competition

Feb 27

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Re: Compensation for photo shoot Everything Gary said is correct. Getting insurance to cover the car is important! Outside of that, the going rate to rent out your car for display or photos

Kevin Abato
Feb 25

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Re: Compensation for photo shoot Indeed, I was invited to display my car here in the Tulsa Embassy Suites several yrs. ago for a "Back to the Future"-themed New Year's Eve Party. Band was

robert parker
Feb 25

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Re: Compensation for photo shoot The one thing that you should require is a special insurance policy for the car, paid for by who wants the pictures for the time that it is being used for the

Feb 25

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Re: Compensation for photo shoot It is a locally based nationwide construction firm. Since I don't thousands of square feet of commercial space I think cash in pocket would be better :-) Your

Nick Kemp
Feb 25

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Re: Compensation for photo shoot Years back a friend of my son was managing the Radisson Hotel in down town Minneapolis. They had a convention booked with a Back To The Future theme and he

Bruce Benson
Feb 25

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Compensation for photo shoot One of the local businesses is doing a photo shoot of the car at my house and wants to compensate. Anyone have any idea what fair compensation is? Nick 897

Nick Kemp
Feb 24

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Re: SS Alternator Tensioners (Ver. 2) It will work on any of the commonly used DeLorean alternators, including the Saturn cross reference. They're all basically using the same alternator casing.

Feb 21

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Wanted - Early-Style Coolant Piping I'm looking for an early-style coolant piping system for both sides of the water pump. Any help is appreciated. Best, Chad R. Krause

Feb 20

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Re: SS Alternator Tensioners (Ver. 2) Would it work on one of Hervey's ALT.? If so I'll take one also How do I pay (not ebay) Thanks John Podlewski (1/2 way to mirror finish) Sent from my iPhone

John's Email
Feb 20

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Re: SS Alternator Tensioners (Ver. 2) I would be interested in purchasing one (have a stock Ducelier)...how do we do the deal? Do you have a website? -----Original Message----- From:

Feb 20

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Re: SS Alternator Tensioners (Ver. 2) I would like one.  How would you like to be paid?  -- Mike -------- Original message -------- From: "drivestainless@... [dmcnews]"

Mike Griese
Feb 20
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