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Wayne Ernst - please contact me!

If you're still out there, that is. james(at)delorean.com
Nov 5

John DeLorean poster for MJFox Foundation

Hi all, As you might be aware, a few months ago I had a limited run of a poster of John DeLorean with the prototype DeLorean car printed, just 100 copies. You
Nov 3

DeLorean Owners Association Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Memb

*The DeLorean Owners Association is having a Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Membership Special.* *Between October 21st and December 31st, 2015, join the
Randal Atamaniuk
Oct 27

Autonomous DMC (DeLorean Making Donuts)

Check out the autonomous DeLorean:
Nick Kemp
Oct 26

Re: Fox 5 Good Day NY

Thanks Dave. I reached out to Jessica Not sure why they want the car on Thursday and not tomorrow (Wednesday) since that is the BTTF tie in date. From:
Kevin Abato
Oct 20

Fox 5 Good Day NY

Please see the email below and respond directly to Jessica if you can help out. Thank you, Dave Delman ... From: Jessica Cohen Date:
David Delman
Oct 20

Re: Hey buddy, wanna make a 1000 bucks

Just a follow-up on this. The gig is apparently driving people around Midtown NYC, like a taxi. I never received word back on what liability insurance they
David Delman
Oct 17

Re: BTTF Day at the California Auto Museum

Has anyone in NJ formed a get together for 10/21? boB www.bobcutrupi.com Sent from my iPhone ( ')> )))) ` `
Oct 16

BTTF Day at the California Auto Museum

As you all know, Wednesday, October 21st 2015 is the date 'Doc and Marty' arrive from 1985 in Back to the Future II. We've been trying at the last minute to
Oct 16

Re: Wanted: Nose bra

Steve, I have one and I will have no use for it. I’m not sure what shape it is in... it’s been a while since I last looked at it. What is that thing worth?
Oct 5

Gated Stainless Shift Plate Kit - Ebay

We've placed one of our DMC Gated Shift Plate kits on ebay for a no reserve auction. Listing starts tonight. Happy Bidding! Delorean Stainless Steel Shift
Oct 4

Wanted: Nose bra

I've been toying with the idea of putting a nose bra on 16510. Does anyone have one sitting in a closet they want to get rid of? Steve Rice #16510 DMCToday.com
Stephen Rice
Oct 3

DMC Stainless Shift Knob - No Reserve.

We have one of our Stainless Shift Knobs on Ebay. This version features the DMC logo. The auction starts tonight for 99 cents. Ebay Auction Here.
Sep 27

Carberator Intake Manifold

A delorean owner here in LV want to convert her engine to a car berated manifold. Does anyone have one of these manifolds that they would be willing to sell.
Bob Brandys
Sep 26

Re: Cleaning out shop via eBay (Parts)

I do have lots of stainless bolts & screws that would fit the luggage compartment access panels and many other parts of the car. Send an e-mail to
Sep 25
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