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Email the you may have received earlier

I was informed that a spam email was sent from this account.  Please disregard that message, and I have taken steps to resolve on my end.  If you see
David Sumpter
Feb 24, 2014

David Sumpter

http://arabakiralamanevsehir.com/tfywu/jdundibyu [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
David Sumpter
Mar 4, 2013

Re: Playing

you might want to check out www.rondaksportal.com it's free site to host and play games. it currently has DL and HOE:LC game being hosted. both games are on
Apr 26, 2006


Wassabe! Hey I'm a long time lover of the Deadlands games and I just wanted to say a couple of things. 1) This program is very helpful and I appreciate the
J. Reynolds
Apr 26, 2006

Re: Ghosts from the past (long post)

Thanks for all of your efforts, Tom. One other thing that I meant to talk about was WHY the generators were not that easy to update. I'm sure that you have
Apr 26, 2006

Re: Digest Number 141

Man, I haven't played deadlands since college. I sure do miss it, though. I'll still occasionally trundle out the books, look at or make a new character. Good
Max Lietzen
Apr 22, 2006

Re: Ghosts from the past (long post)

Yep, I read it all too. :) As the programmer who took over, I have to say thanks for a great program to begin with. I am just sorry I can't get more done on
Thomas Clegg
Apr 21, 2006

Re: Ghosts from the past (long post)

I read it, but I don't need to prove myself to anyone. I know I'm a nut! Anyway, thanks for the post� it was really informative. I wish I had more time to
Apr 21, 2006

Re: Ghosts from the past (long post)

I read to the very bottom and I would like to thank you for starting an incredible thing. Cudos goes to everyone that has touched any version for any part of
Chris Haase
Apr 21, 2006

Re: Ghosts from the past

Well at least two people made it to the end and my wife already thinks I'm a nut. Although my group is currently having a break from Deadlands, we've used
Apr 21, 2006

Re: Ghosts from the past (long post)

James, Just wanted to let you know that I did read the whole thing. Perhaps that does make me crazy lol. I had downloaded the generator quite some time ago and
Lee Best
Apr 20, 2006

Ghosts from the past (long post)

Good evening folks, this is James Cook. I've been out of the roleplaying world for a few years, but I got a call from my old Marshall today and he told me
Apr 20, 2006

Re: Thank you.

Thanks! I appreciate that! I really do hate that I haven't had a chance to get back and fix it up even more, but I've been caught up in another CG project
Thomas Clegg
Jan 29, 2006

Thank you.

Just wanted to thank you for your work on this splendid Character Generator :)
Jan 29, 2006

Re: Question

Yes, there are some known issues involved with MAs and, I believe, voodooists as well. I wish the group was more active, but we've only really got one
Oct 29, 2005
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