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Re: [Djembe-L] Re: Tweneboa, hardwood?

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  • Markerdrum@cs.com
    Sounds like my drum. That s almost certainly it. Thanks! ... From: Michi To: djembe-l Sent: Thu, Jan 3, 2013
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      Sounds like my drum.  That's almost certainly it.  Thanks!

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      If the shell is from Mali, a likely wood is Lenke. It's reddish brown, with any sapwood being quite yellow. For a medium-size shell, total weight with Lenke should be around 8.5-9.5 kg. If the same thing is made of Tweneboa, it'll be around 60% of that weight.

      Post a picture of your drum on the forums at djembefola.com. There are quite a few people there who will be able to help you identify it.



      Moderator note: in US LBS that is about 18 - 20 lbs for a 24" tall djembe which would be from lengue wood whether Mali or Guinea. If you send us a shot of it we can tell you. alan@...

      --- In djembe-l@yahoogroups.com, Markerdrum@... wrote:
      > I'm curious about one of my djembes, the first real one I bought. It's supposed to be from Mali, and is reddish with a yellow highlight at one spot. The drum is somewhat crudely carved, and I eventually had the bearing edge reworked after discovering it was just cut off flat as you described with the drum you tried. So far, it sounds kind of like a badly carved version of the shell you tried. However, the drum is quite heavy, and the wood seems very sturdy. I've had it for years now, although it's only occasionally played nowadays. I have never figured out what the wood is. Do you think it's the "red" twenboa, or something else? Thanks!
      > Mark

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