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Thanks to everyone who came to The Rhythm Cafe on Friday! (sorry its long)

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  • Somesh
    Dear Friends, WOW! what a night! - This one will be talked about in the annuals of party history as the one to rock them all. Thanks to everyone who came to
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2010
      Dear Friends,

      WOW! what a night! - This one will be talked about in the annuals of party history as the one to rock them all. Thanks to everyone who came to our last event at The Pirate Castle.

      Huge Thanks go to our performers - Ah Jamoh, Ashera Hart, Feminine of Jack, Metro Paradiso & Wuntanara who put on an awesome performance that sent our last event at The Pirate Castle off with a BOOM!

      Huge Thanks to all our Amazing Staff and Volunteers, (I'll be putting up names and pictures of all our volunteers soon), but you know who you are! Special mention must go to Anita who has been working behind the scenes to make it the success its been - Her passion and dedication knows no bounds, and we all owe her a debt of gratitude, and Shivani my amazing wife who's given me an amazing son, a restfull home, and the freedom to get on with creating the vision we both dreamed up.

      And Big Thanks to everyone that has supported us over the last 10 weeks!

      It has been financially, energetically and stress-fully difficult and a challenge, even though last week was a financial success we have had a many nights where we where building the community that haven't covered costs, which have been mainly funded by Drum Jam. We have always wanted to make the night accessible to as many people as possible, and found it difficult to find the balance. We have also had huge support from the bands that have mostly played for Free or for expenses, which has helped us survive so long - So to everyone that has played their part however small - Thank You!

      We have created a huge number of friends, who now feel like family, an rhythmically empowered community. Lots and Lots of smiles, Lots of rhythm and healing. Massive love and connection. We are inspired for our Future! & looking forward to Chapter 2!

      tHe RhYtHm CaFe TeAm


      A reminder of our Vision..


      Our vision is to facilitate our joining together for rhythmical empowerment & uplifting joy using the power of music & dance; sharing musical gifts that bring us beauty, confidence, connection & self-expression. Gifts that transcend cultural difference, linguistic barriers, gender & age!

      To create a space in London, where people who love connecting through the drum and rhythm can hang out, meet others, network, relax, drink something warm on a cold night in a beautiful space, listen to great music, dance, sing, be entertained, feel good & be creative.

      Our aim is to touch each person, and when they leave have everyone excited about the new possibilities they have experienced in love, community, music and being human.

      The Rhythm Café is run by a group of committed volunteers. It is a non-profit venture, where all profits are used to empower the project and support the development of rhythm and dance for community.


      Some FEEDBACK..

      "Thank you for holding a beautiful space last night. I arrived in a introverted internal mood- which the perfect activity to dispel was a good drumming. I left open hearted and happy after connecting through the medium of rhythm. I really enjoyed what you do." Bobby


      VIDEOS from Friday:


      PHOTOS from Friday:



      Our next event will be The Launch of our new venue on Saturday 29th May



      CAMDEN, NW1 8AH
      Nearest Tube: CHALK FARM

      Walk out of Chalk Farm Tube towards Camden Market, After Morrison's Petrol Station, Turn right, then left into Stables Market Entrance (Opposite Petrol Station), Straight away turn right, follow passage to left
      and we are 3rd arch on Right hand side


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