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Re: [diy_3d_printing_and_fabrication] Coarse surface....topological aspect

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  • Francis Leach
    Dear Solidprinters. The result from the B9 creator looks very good. Even the Professionals Shapeways have their limitations. I attach for you general
    Message 1 of 11 , Apr 4, 2013
    Dear Solidprinters.

    The result from the B9 creator looks very good.

    Even the Professionals "Shapeways" have their limitations.

    I attach for you general interest  shots of commercial offering from them which I term "as rough as a bears Ar*e" 

    There should be standards quoted for the surface finish of flat surfaces so one can assess the suitability of the numerous solidprinting machines and associated results. 

    The best machines on the market are the Solidscape wax printer and the Envisiontec Prefactory. 

    It appears that the B9 machine is getting their and I hope the Formlab liberates good results.


    Francis Leach

    On 3 April 2013 23:56, jwanett <jonichk@...> wrote:

    Hi everyone!!!

    At first sorry for my english, i'll try to explain myself as good as I can.

    My printer is working really well, on the mechanical side...But I have a problem that I thing it's common in this kind of printers:

    - Coarse aspect on the surface, looking like the topological maps.Not related to the z layers. It's more something related to the xy plane.

    At the beggining I thought it was related to the resolution of the slices (I use png slices), but now having more high resolution slices, the problem is still there. Today I noticed this in a B9Creator model as well:

    It's related to the algorithm routine that uses the slicer??? or it´s more a thing of the resolution of your projector???
    There are a way for improve this kind of effect???

    Now I'm printing with an SVG from slicer, let's see if it's less coarsy than the slices that I get from NettFabb Free.

    Hope this makes sense!!

    Cheers to evryone from Barcelona!!!


    Francis Leach

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