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Re: [diy_3d_printing_and_fabrication] Re: LCD Based Printer; Photopolymer Samples

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  • Ali Punjani
    Thanks for the info. I ve read a significant amount about the resins that are available and certainly bucktownpolymer s offerings are what I m looking for. The
    Message 1 of 45 , Feb 21, 2013
      Thanks for the info. I've read a significant amount about the resins that are available and certainly bucktownpolymer's offerings are what I'm looking for. The trouble is that I'm not very sure if my LCD has poor transmittance in the required spectral range, or whether it's other undesirable optical properties (diffusion, useless subpixels) would make it entirely unsuitable for a printer.
      If I can't find a way to get a smaller sample quantity soon I guess I will have to just buy a gallon. It's too bad bucktownpolymers doesn't sell quarts.

      > At present, I'm fairly confident in the LCD based approach, but to address those major points above I need to do some testing. I have everything on hand except resin. Spotamaterials seems to be out of stock in everything, and bucktownpolymers seems to only be selling Gallons (unless I just can't figure out the website) for a price a little too steep for me to afford for just the proof-on-concept stage. So my request to the group is, would anyone be willing to sell me a small quantity (100mL) of near-uv (420nm) curable resin? Preferably Spot-GP from spotamaterials, or any color of PS100-V420 from bucktownpolymers?

      There are several standard photopolymers from Bucktownpolymers that you can use that will work great for your application from UV up to ~440nm:


      <100 cps at 25 C, lowered by heating up to 50 C

      Cure times easily under 1 sec with 0.1mm layers with most DLP projectors >1K lumen or with your setup unless your LCD has really poor transmittance between 360-440nm.

      Hundreds more are available by special order. The 470nm and higher versions typically require a commitment of 40-200Kg+ based on the formula.

      You'll be surprised by how fast you go through a gallon (~8kg) once you get the proper setup.

    • chenw1115@yahoo.cn
      holle,do your lcd printer work now?
      Message 45 of 45 , Apr 23, 2014
        holle,do  your lcd printer work  now?
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