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Re: [diy_3d_printing_and_fabrication] Looking for HO(1/87) .stl files to print.

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  • Francis Leach
    Hi Augustin I have attached the edrawing version of the same item. Download the veiwer from ;-
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 18 11:10 AM
    Hi Augustin

    I have attached the edrawing version of the same item. Download the veiwer from ;- http://www.solidworks.com/sw/support/edrawings/e2_downloadcheck.htm

    This free software will allow you to view ACAD drg,  STL format files and the native solidworks edrawing . It is a very useful program. Attached also is a instruction card that will explain the functionality of the software. email me if you have any queries.

    The boiler is an STL files created to a particular high level of accuracy for modelling purposes. You we appreciate that curved surfaces are created by the STL generating programme  as a series of mutually adjacent triangles , The entire surface is mapped with the triangles. The accuracy of the generation is a definable parameter in the 3D engineering software I use. (Solidworks ). The STL format is an approximation and has errors in the fidelity of surface creation. The software allows you to specify what is the maximum deviation from the actual surface to be tolerated is tolerable.  I have attached the same component at less accuracy 0.1mm deviation. It is now only 4014 triangles.  The main dimensions of the item are :- main diameter 18.33 mm diameter 65mm overall.

    The finished solidprints are used to produce silicone moulds and replicated with polyurethane resin. : The surface is used "as is" for painting via a sprayed under coat and the application of a single top coat.

    On 18 November 2012 14:57, Milan Augustin <aaaugustin@...> wrote:

    Hi, I try to print a boiler, but I'll get to it until after about 20 days. How big is the boiler? (65mm length),
    I can still print max 50 mm but will build larger printer in the future.


    2012/11/18 Francis Leach <francisleach@...>
    [Attachment(s) from Francis Leach included below]

    I take the CUBE to be a commercial 3D printer using FDM manufacturing technology i.e a Fusion Deposition modelling.

    It builds the model a layer at a time using a hot melt nozzle through which is extruded a filment of thermo plastic which melts and is added to the layer strcture of the build. The construction is not solid but comprises a lattice of criss crossed laminations. Generally only the outer surface is completely void free. 

    The Hot met media  fed from a spool, has a diameter of around 0.5mm diameter or probably more. At the scale associated with HO modelling (1:87)  and assuming the filament has radius of cross-section at 0.25mm , this represents features with real world dimensions of  approx 22mm. 

    It would be very difficult to resolve/print features that have a dimension of less than 22mm and the surface finish of items with curvature such as locomotive boilers of  diameter may not be what you find acceptable.

    I have attached for your benefit, a Boiler from a South East Croydon Railway (SECR ) : Wainwright Class H at a scale of 4mm to the foot :  ( 1:76.2)

    Best of luck with the printing but I suspect the technology is not up to the task of modelling at HO scale.

    On 15 November 2012 22:33, John <mrfussysdad@...> wrote:

    Lookingto see if there a website or online file warehouse with HO files? I just bought a CUBE and want to test print a few files while design my own.


    Francis Leach


    Francis Leach

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