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Server Rack

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  • Benjamin Mahony
    Just in case anyone interested or has any feedback, here is a little progress report on my printer build. (Maybe some one is working on a similar set-up?)
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2012
    Just in case anyone interested or has any feedback, here is a little
    progress report on my printer build. (Maybe some one is working on a
    similar set-up?)

    Starting with a server rack enclosure as they are the perfect size for
    what I wanted and quicker and cheaper than building up and enclosed
    rigid but accessible enclosure.

    Projector(s) will be mounted at the top shining down. To start with I
    will not have a wiper but simply drive the print job down deep and then
    bring it up and wait for resin to level out. Thinking about some custom
    software to workout surface area geometry to optimise wait time for
    levelling. That is obviously a large flat area (or enclosed area) will
    take longer to level than a small or thin section.

    So far I have Purchased:

    Server Rack cabinet 44RU
    25mm diameter Linear rails and carriages (crap round Chinese ones, bit
    too much play but will do to start with, will upgrade to better
    tolerance rails, or ad pre-load bias mechanism once it's up and running
    ball lead screw
    Projector, was going to go 1080 res but at half the cost I got a single
    768 res that is just as bright, so better to use multiple low def units
    arrayed, to get the both the coverage, definition and brightness.
    Front surface mirror to fold beam down, so that project is horizontal
    and happy.
    Ordered laser cut SS brackets to mount rails and lead screw
    Solarez UV activator for polyester resin.
    Polyester resin and styrene monomer to experiment with viscosity.
    I have nema 23 stepper motors on hand and quality micro-stepping drivers.

    See attached image of the basic layout in cad (alibre)

    To start with I will test with an ice cream container but the plan is to
    scale up to a 400 x 600mm vat about 600mm deep. So that is why I'm
    using the large cabinet and large rails etc
    I have tested Solarez resin with projector and I'm getting 3mm thick
    layer in about 3 minutes (no dye yet) With projector at unmodified
    closest focal length so about 1 meter away.

    Hoping to print large usable any products that we currently manufacture
    from cnc cut flat sheets of PVC and then hand assemble. The basic
    samples we have made from simply shining the projector into the resin
    while displaying a static image, producing 3mm thick layer have proven
    to be very structural, as good as PVC. So fingers crossed it works.

    Looking like the resin will cost about 1000AUD to fill the full size vat
    up, if the polyester and solarez solution continues to work as well as
    preliminary tests.

    Regarding compensating for the resin displacement as the platform and
    arm are lowed into the vat, i will either use a compensation block
    (using a pulley to pull it out as the platform dives in, or more likely
    I was thinking that simply having a overflow point would work, obviously
    this needs to have minimum surface tension to be accurate, something
    else to test.

    Good luck with all your builds.
    Benjamin Mahony
    Tecevo - Australia
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