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RE: [diy_3d_printing_and_fabrication] Third Strike

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  • Boman33
    As usual I am too busy to jump in and build my own 3D printer but I keep reading with great interest. I appreciate all you guys effort. My plan is, if I ever
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 31, 2009

      As usual I am too busy to jump in and build my own 3D printer but I keep reading with great interest.  I appreciate all you guys’ effort.


      My plan is, if I ever get a chance to do so, to also build as an intermediate step a flat bed printer and carefully test it.  Actually in my case I would have it setup so large or small objects could be put under it for printing on physical objects.  As a goal it should print a color picture with equal quality to the original printer.


      An intermediate flatbed version would also have a great interest in the Inkjet PCB forum since that is all they want so we could get extra support from that group.


      After a successful flatbed design I would then proceed with the 3-D version of it.  Roger’s plan sounds very much what I have in mind using precision hardware but probably of my own design.


      In the meantime, Alvaro is making great progress so all the info might be available even with hardware to make it simple and fast.


      By the way, HP is selling the HP OfficeJet 8000 Pro for $79 direct from HP.


      If work was not interfering with my hobbies, I would build both a powder printer and an extruder.  I have seen incredible good useful parts from commercial extruders so that is tempting too.



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      I have, within the last three weeks, started my third attempt at a 3D printer using an HP 960C which uses the same HP 45 cartridges as Z-Corp. My plan is two phased. First convert the 960C into a flat bed printer. I'm not cheeping this out. I'm using commercial grade stuff such as Thomson linear ways, Gecko drivers, USDigital encoders and OPto22 solid state relays. I've learned enough from my first two attempts to believe I at least have a chance of success.

      If the first step is successful I will take the lessons learned and build a professional 3D printer based on an HP OfficeJet 8000 with separate ink tanks as the print engine using the flat bed printer parts. I will probably use John's design for spreader and powder elevators. Powder and binder is still an issue.


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