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9434Does anyone make parts for profit?

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  • rwwink
    Jun 14, 2014
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      I'm interested in having 2 parts printed with a 3D-Printer using a heated filament.  These are prototypes and I can provide STL or most any othr type of files for both parts.  They need to be made from ABS.

      Reasons before someone gets cranky…after I get the device design settle, I will be buying a printer for this project and I want to use it for several other ideas I have.  I might buy a CNC router at some point for this but I want to see if plastic will work.

      The first part is the bottom of a box – 6 inch x 2 ½ inch x about 1 inch tall with 1/8 inch walls.  It has an ear on either end that’s about 1 inch wide  and 1/8 thick. The second part is the lid.  It’s ¼ inch thick with a 1/8 inch flat sealing surface all around.

      If someone is interested in making a one-off set of parts, please contact me:

      R. Wink


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