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9429Re: Introduction and presentation of our 3D epoxy printing project.

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  • sasjasteen
    Jun 12, 2014
      Hi all, hi erik,
      i'm one of the people invloved, thought i should provide a bit more background on our project.
      But first, i have to say this forum has been a great resource allready so thanks to all people sharing their experience here!
      So what we are trying to develop is an UV-epoxy extruding printer, so not a DLP approach. We believe(hope) it might be feasable to expose expoxy to UV just before or right after it is extruded and print objects that way. We are getting up to speed on the mechanical and software parts but i forsee no huge problems there as most has been done and theres lots of resources to learn from. The chemistry however, exactly what stuff to print with, the more i research online, well, the more i realise we should have had a organic chemist with us, that or either one of us is going to have to learn organic chemistry i'm affraid.
      In the beginning we had gotten hold of a free sample of some UV-epoxy, so we naively thought, obviously wishfull thinking, that this stuff would work for us. But boy was that a disapointment :D. Anyway now we realise we'll have to study up and find out exactly what stuff we need as our setup is different than most UV-curing setups. Surfing the forum i believe the UV stuff has only been used in DLP-setups right? At the moment im trying to make sense of the different types of photoinitiators used. Irgacure819 seems to be a popular one (part of the BAPO-family if i understand well) also Irgacure ITX looks interesting as it would be much more reactive than the former but not so popuar due to yellowing effects. Ah well i'm probably making a fool of myself here for a few of the chemists i've encountered here :)
      Maybe we might just buy something usable at Solarez, Spotamaterials or Bucktown Polymers, but i wish they were a bit more open about their recipes.
      So, that gives a pretty clear picture of our project. So if anyone knows any good resources we should check out, or maybe knows exactly what stuff we need (that would be great), or if you just want to share your thoughts on the project, please go ahead!

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