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9402Re: [diy_3d_printing_and_fabrication] Re: B9 Cease and Desist

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  • Paolo Velcich
    Jun 4, 2014
      Hello to everybody,
      I'm just refining some pages I put together about IP rights, design and
      patents, and just now I've found this interesting statement:
      "Although competitors are not allowed to copy your design, they are
      allowed to use design features that are necessary in order to create
      spare parts that fit or match your product."

      This might somehow apply to the dispute. However, approved patents might
      change everything.

      I already prepared a list of patents, subdivided by the main "players"
      and by age. Updated to the most recent ones.
      you can have a look at www.3d-zero.com/ you can select from the menu.

      It's still under construction, I'm trying to complete ASAP.
      Together with some personal considerations (on a blog) and maybe some
      suggestions, about what the 3D Printing community could/should actively
      do against the blatant strategy of the duo Stratasys/Makerbot.

      I will greatly appreciate to hear from you, your comments, your
      I'm open...

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