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9324Re: [diy_3d_printing_and_fabrication] Need help to diagnose print

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  • Kobus du Toit
    Apr 6, 2014
      I need to get all my parts cut again and rebuild the machine to fix some issues that I have found.  I think V2 will be much better, I hope :)

      V2 will have an auto levelling wiper that I am working on. The plan is to print 2 or 3 thick layers of a base and then use the top of that base to level the wiper since the top of that base will be guaranteed to be level with the fluid.

      This is the idea with V2, please tell me if this sounds like it is going to work?

      Wiper to X0 (back of printer)
      Build plate goes down, down = home = Z0.
      Wiper goes to middle of the build plate
      Build plate moves up to Z100.  Currently my tiny build area is 204mm x 147mm x 100mm
      Wiper levels to the build plate level.
      Fluid pump will fill main compartment from overflows
      When fluid pump switched off the wiper will clean off excess fluid from build plate at a slowish speed, so that I don't create waves.  This will then give me the exact same level on every print

      First 3 layers
      Print at 30 seconds per layer and print levelling cubes on the outsides of the build plate, in the middle.
      Move Z down 1.8mm and then back up to the correct height at a speed of F10.  My drivers are set to 1/32, so not sure what the correct speed should be
      Wipe after each layer at F500, F500 seems nice and slow and doesn't cause waves.  The wiper uses GT-2 20 teeth pulleys (http://bilbycnc.com.au/ProdDisplaySearch.asp?txtSearch=gt2)
      After layer 3 move Z down far enough so that wiper can auto level
      Move wiper to the middle and make sure the wiper is over the calibration cubes
      Move Z back up and calibrate wiper.
      Wipe off any excess fluid
      Move down the correct layer height, e.g. 30 micron, start printing the rest of the object

      On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 6:09 AM, Kobus du Toit <kobusdtoit@...> wrote:

      Hi Danny

      Yes I slowed down to 4 minutes per layer, slowed down the Z and also removed the wiper as others suggested and I displayed each layer for 2 seconds on 10 micron layers. I reduced my test cube to 10mm x 10 mm. I was able to get to maybe 2mm and nothing after that.

      I will try the new calibration object tonight and reduce the flooding distance


      On 06/04/2014 10:57 pm, <drs_eureka@...> wrote:

      Hi Kobus,


      Have you tried the suggestion I gave you about slowing down the speed of the Z-Axis? The video you sent me, shows dunking the object with lightning speed in the resin. As I said, I do 9mm per minute which works for me.


      The 4mm overshoot into the resin is too much as well. 1.8 mm overshoot is enough.

      I have posted a picture (in the pictures folder) that is made with my resin, so your cube must be easy to achieve.



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