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    Nov 7, 2013
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      I understand all the reasons why Junior is not publishing the results of his developments until he will be ready with a kit and somehow - eventually - protected by patents (which I doubt).

      But, why he's not at least giving us some basic directions in term or resins to use, just to avoid wasting time and money if he already experienced something ?

      I don't think he's considering to patent chemistry processes and resin mix.


      It would definitely be in the spirit of this group to share some information to the benefit of the community.


      Just my opinion, of course.


      And about Roger's statement, I also agree that it's time to start getting our hands dirty and try it.

      The mechanics of the project is a pretty basic thing and everything is almost ready out there.


      Personally I'm only waiting for the maintenance to fix all the problems still existing in my electric and plumbing and - as usual - they're not keeping their promises.

      For all of you not aware of Middle East specific issues, a good mix of " In šāʾ Allāh " (if God wills)  and Indians contractors may have unpredictable effects on your life.


      It's something you have to get used to and learn to live with, no way to avoid the matter.  Coming from Europe and being used to our standards, the first impact is terrific but soon you learn how to survive to it.


      So far, in a matter of few weeks, "hopefully" (another word which became very familiar in my life) I should have the proper place to start developing on my own. And I'm pretty excited by the idea.

      In the meanwhile, I will start looking for chemicals availability here in the area (I already found the Sigma Aldrich local branch in Dubai) since the import and trading of chemical substances is strictly regulated and pretty limited as well.


      For the wiki, in a few days I should get free from some urgent projects I'm handling now, and I will start publishing some drawings, 3D models and data sheets of hardware components from my old CNC projects. They may be useful and they're accurate.




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      Junior did start with Dimax 9663. Read the old posts. Do you know for a fact that is not what he is still using?


      --- In diy_3d_printing_and_fabrication@yahoogroups.com, Maxi Bertotto <tiwanacote@...> wrote:

      > Roger: I don´t know if start with Dimax9663 is a good idea. Sure exist a
      reason why Junior is not using it!
      > I can´t wait for results! :)


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