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8951Re: [diy_3d_printing_and_fabrication] RE: RE: RE: RE: Highest DIY XY resolution ?

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  • Jon Elson
    Oct 13, 2013
      pzamov@... wrote:
      > I doubt there is a patent ( it is TM - trade Mark as 3SP ) - as we
      > have discussed a laser scanning unit and the Octa/Penta/Hexa/Hepta
      > sided mirror scanning the full A4 page in seconds. It is extendible (
      > just add rails ) and there is no acceleration/deceleration. I think we
      > were talking about the same thing - putting a laser printer scanner
      > unit on linear slide rails. As there are printers with 30+ pages per
      > minute - equates to 30 layers per minute @25 micron = 45mm per hour
      > that is WOW.
      Yup, I'd love to see this scheme work, and it really shouldn't be that
      mechanically. But, it probably takes an FPGA to transmit the bit stream
      to the laser in sync with the mirror. There was a blog on a DIY PCB
      site about a machine using this scheme to expose PCB resist directly
      with a UV laser. I think he did it using the DMA hardware on a
      Beagle Board, Rasberry Pi or maybe even an Arduino. So, it may
      be that one of the system on a chip boards could do it with minimal
      additional hardware.

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