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89Re: Home made CNC machine

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  • stcnc2000
    Sep 5, 2008
      --- In diy_3d_printing_and_fabrication@yahoogroups.com, "John
      Johnson" <chestef@...> wrote:
      > I joined the group for I am interested in a homemade 3 axis CNC
      > machine for my machine shop. Is it 3D printing, No? It is a 3D
      > project where I want to make a gantry CNC machine to be able to
      > drill the locations of holes in a part with more accuracy than
      > layout and center punching. Also, when I have multiple parts to
      > make, the parts can be a lot closer in tolerance. Matching hole
      > patterns in mating parts are closer to fit up than layout and
      > punching, or drilling and transfer punching, especially when hole
      > sizes are other than the sizes in a standard set of punches.
      > The value of this is as follows: in working at large machine
      > builders we would make machine bases of 10' x 20', as an example.
      > Machining the top of the base to start and then spot drilling the
      > hole locations came next. Drilling, boring, and finish reaming the
      > dowel holes came next.
      > The base would then be removed from the boring mill and set up on
      > the floor and leveled. The tapped holes were all that remained so
      > magnetic based drill was used to tap drill, then tap the holes,
      > using the spot drilled holes for location. This freed up the
      > mill for the next large job and took the tedious machining
      > operations and put them in the hands of a machine builder or
      > apprentice, that was making less per hour than the boring mill
      > operator.
      > I wish to locate the hole centers with this gantry and put the
      > on a drill press to finish drill and tap from there. This machine
      > could be running one part while I am at the drill press working on
      > another part, as an example. It need not be robust or fast. Using
      > AutoCAd to design the parts I could either program the coordinates
      > or use a low end CAD/CAM software to program the point-to-point
      > machine.
      > Can anyone advise, or lead me to a link or website?
      Take look at this site:
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