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8500Re: chemical properties of cured resin?

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  • arthur2shedsj
    Apr 6, 2013
      > I purchased a quart of resin from bucktown last summer through their website (back when you could get a quart of UV resin). I had no problem with the transaction and even had a short email exchange prior to purchasing (I wanted a quart of their visible, but they were only offering it by the gallon and that was too much for me to take a chance on). I've mentioned this purchase previously, warning that I found the "low odor" product to be quite strong. I also have a quart of B9 resin, but got too busy at work (and frankly can't use the bucktown when it is too cold to keep a door open) to do a proper comparison.
      > john
      The BP formulas available last year were geared around low cost and cured characteristics, but they proved to be too difficult for DIYers to work with. All the new formulas on the website cure 10x faster, are lower viscosity, low or no odor, plus cure over the UV to visible spectrum. DIY is mostly concerned with low cost, low odor and easy to use. Industrial users are as concerned with odor as they are with its flavor.

      The BP website makes it easy for DIYers to place orders using Paypal without having to have contact with any sales people or chemists, since the majority of DIY buyers don't actually like or are too shy to have contact with anyone via email and especially by phone.

      I'm not sure what all the hubbub is about since the photopolymer industry is nearly 100% B2B. DIY hardly shows up on the radar, yet they still provide resins at low cost in low volumes to DIYers.
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