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8303Re: [diy_3d_printing_and_fabrication] RE: Xenon printing

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  • Graham Stabler
    Mar 1, 2013
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      Looks like you have the expensive fibres!

      With a pinch of salt:

      If the light emanating from an area on the end of the fibre equal to the size of the spot you want can melt the material in that spot then you can do it. But basically because of the nature of the source (which we would consider the end of the fibre) although you can make a small image of it you are unlikely to be able to really focus it, i.e. in making a small version of it you lose most of your light.

      A point source creates a circular wave, that can be straightened by a lens or collimated into a plane wave and then at some later stage focused again with another lens, reversing the process (a tube laser is like a distant point source) when the source is "extended" then you have lots of little circular waves which are then collimated in to lots of plane waves all at slightly different directions, it is not possible to unravel that mess to create a single circular wave forming a point focus, the best you can do is recreate the original extended source as far as intensity goes.

      That's my understanding of it. So you might be able to add an aperture at the fibres end or at a conjugate plane and then focus that but that may filter out too much light. It depends on the fibre size and the expected focus,


      On Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 4:26 PM, Randy <rwwink@...> wrote:

      Yes.  It’s a bundle of glass fibers.  Has to be glass as plastic won’t take the heat.

      To continue, I’ve used this type of system to melt and reflow solder in conjunction with a robot to remove and replace bad  components on a PCB.  There’s a good bit of heat even in the defused state.  I haven’t used a lens to sharpen the focus and was wondering if I could and if it would product acceptable components.

      To recap; Instead of using laser with all of the hardware and problems, I was wondering IF I could get nearly the same effect using a Xenon system.


      R Wink

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