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8298RE: Xenon printing

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  • Randy
    Mar 1, 2013
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      I’d like to ask some questions of the group even though I don’t normally do anything but monitor this group.

      I have had and can get a Xenon light source that used to cure conformal coatings (I don’t remember the wattage or wave length, I’d have to do some research).  In the system I’ve worked with, they use a light pipe to allow the light source to be stationary while moving the end about to cure a large area.  The light delivered is defused/defocused to cure as large as area as possible.

      Using this concept, could a fixed focus lens be fitted to the end of the light pipe, that instead of defocusing the beam, focuses it into a small spot.  The end of the light pipe and the focusing lens would be mounted to a positional X-Y stage and use a vertical tank to move the surface of the material/part into the focus area of the lens?

      The concept would, because of the higher power available with the Xenon lamp, allow the direct fusing of plastic powder which would be somewhat easier to deal with as opposed to a liquid.  The media, plastic powder, would not be so picky to the curing wavelength but power delivery to the area would.

      Could somebody punch holes in this concept for me?     


      R Wink

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