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7750Re: [diy_3d_printing_and_fabrication] PCB as heated build bed

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  • Benjamin Mahony
    Dec 5, 2012
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      Sorry to disagree, but a peltier device is a heat pump, just with no moving parts.  It does not magicaly cool, it moves (pumps) the heat away from the cool side, they are very inefficient, so make better heaters...

      But so does a electrical short..

      Ben M

      On 6/12/2012 9:20 AM, Francis Leach wrote:

      Hi Graham

      The Peltier device is not a pump, it is a Low voltage solid state heater or a cooler simply by changing the polarity. The Copper, Brass or aluminium build platform is the attached heat sink.
      The 12VDC supply is switched on or off by open circuiting the yellow and grey leads on the computer power supply via the relay on the temperature controller. All at low voltage except for the mains powered temperature controller that is designed for purpose.
      Simples !

      On 5 December 2012 21:05, Graham Stabler <grezmos@...> wrote:

      Don't forget that you also need a big heat sink to efficiently harvest heat from the surroundings as it is just a pump.

      A 250w cartridge heater is 2 quid on eBay and a good alternative to the slightly costly silicone pads.

      These could be used with the same controller but it might be wise to go with a totally low voltage system unless you know what you are doing.

      To return to the original poster, a number of people have just used some nichrome wire and taped it to the underside of the bed with kapton tape, I've even seen a few people use power resistors screwed underneath.


      On Wednesday, December 5, 2012, Francis Leach wrote:

      Hi Jon

      I agree that your scheme is much simpler but my offering is temperature controlled with settable digital readout. Cost around £19 delivered to your door.

      How about some sourcing details and a specification? 

      On 5 December 2012 18:37, Jon Elson <elson@...> wrote:
      Francis Leach wrote:
      > Kevin
      > Consider using a Peltier effect heater. Find them on ebay : TEC1-12710
      > TEC Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier 154W 10A 40mm : item 310413350611
      Gee, that's the complex way to go! You can also get self-adhesive
      heating elements
      from a number of sources. i got some surplus a number of years ago.
      Just peel
      off the cover paper and stick it onto aluminum sheet, and connect to a
      heat controller.



      Francis Leach


      Francis Leach

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