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7738Re: [diy_3d_printing_and_fabrication] Re: patents? You haven't seen anything yet...

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  • Kenneth Lerman
    Nov 25, 2012
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      On 11/25/2012 2:27 PM, Jon Elson wrote:

      Paolo Velcich wrote:
      > Yes, 30% of an innovation (invention) patent has no meaning. That
      > "31%" rule might [eventually] apply to a design/ornamental patent.
      > I'm not sure that it will necessarily take one year to clear the suit,
      > this last one seems to be quite weak, or more an intimidating action
      > than a strong one.
      Yes, if formlabs/kickstarter can get the judge to throw out the whole
      suit due to
      3DS' claims being frivolous, it might end quickly. But, I think most
      judges are
      hesitant to take such a decision lightly. there certainly are some
      suits that are
      just plain frivolous on their face, and do get tossed like that. But,
      non familiar with the topic at hand needs to get educated on the
      what is being claimed and whether the defendant is making anything that
      actually infringes. I don't see a judge throwing this suit out quickly, but
      I guess it depends a lot on the briefs their lawyers submit. If 3DS has
      mediocre lawyers, the judge might find a lot of waffling in their briefs
      and be steered right to where they are trying to bamboozle her. We can
      > However, it appears that 3DS try to keep the market frozen by
      > saturating it with patents.
      Time-honored ploy, dates back to Edison and before. Edison vs. Westinghouse
      sure did a bunch of this, and it was a real WAR!


      One thing I noticed in the complaint was a section saying that there was no non-infringing use of the allegedly infringing device. Since the patent under discussion seems to relate to exposure for supports, it is clear that making objects that don't require support would be a non-infringing use.


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