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7246Re: Curing Resin Systems

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  • bstott2002
    Sep 4, 2012
      Thank you everyone for your responses. I'll likely start by trying a couple of spacecaptain's (Fernando's) resins but, I can't find the link to his site.... >:(

      --- In diy_3d_printing_and_fabrication@yahoogroups.com, "kzptw_3d" <pierre.meyrignac@...> wrote:
      > Hi everyone,
      > by the way, I bought 1 gallon of hnu-470-l (liquid preparation of hnu-470 ready to put in resin) when I was still trying to produce the resin (before i found spotamaterials :)
      > If some of you are interested, I sell 100 ml for 50$ (it costed me twice )+shipping
      > Pierre
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