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  • Fernando
    Dec 1, 2011
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      That sounds pretty handy!
      Do you think you would be able to retrofit your machine with this laser? Does it even fit or is it just a matter of plugging an optic fiber into an input?

      On 12/01/2011 06:05 AM, Lino wrote:

      I am pretty happy with the results of my search. I have found at least 4 (150-200mw) 405 nm lasers for prices around 175-200 US. My only concern would be beam diameter but I think I can collimate that to tolerable sizes. I will say that the original beam diameter of  (0.1mm/.2mm) is kinda hard to beat with the retrofitted systems.




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      Spacecaptain wrote:
      > And I must admit... frikin' lasers!! How cool is that! :)
      > But seriously, SLA is such a powerful technology. A shame so much of
      > it is so expensive..
      > What does a 50mW 405nm laser cost in comparison to the 355nm?
      There apparently are single diode lasers in this range, now, at 405nm.
      I think they would cost about $200 from China.


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