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  • Spacecaptain
    Sep 5 8:03 AM
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      Yeah, it really is quite sensitive at that point. I have been able to adjust mine because the lens module is mounted in a cylindrical flange with 3 screws at 120º intervals. This way I was able to tweak the position so that the distortion was removed.

      In your case, what I have been thinking is to have some kind of a spring loaded screw system instead of the shimming, so that you could easily adjust the distortion with some screw-turns. But these are ideas that I would probably only be able to put into effect once I start building a deconstructed DLP. There's room for a number of improvements from a compact DLP design to a device that can be easily modded:
      - dichroic filters instead of the color wheel for pigmented resin systems or alternate PIs
      - tapered light integrating tunnels for more light output
      - adjustable lens modules for a range of throw distances, sizes and resolutions
      - better ventilation for keeping the inside clean of dust
      - better electronic components geometry to make the printer envelope less bulky

      On 09/05/2011 04:44 PM, vrsculptor@... wrote:

      I tried that and got distortion. It may have been that my shimming wasn't perfect or the relationship of the lens to the optics in the projector. Shimming the focus ring gave me no distortion.


      --- In diy_3d_printing_and_fabrication@yahoogroups.com, Spacecaptain <spacecaptain@...> wrote:
      > Roger I have a question:
      > Why don't you try and add a spacer between your lens holder and your
      > lens module?
      > <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/diy_3d_printing_and_fabrication/photos/recent/631409801/view>http://groups.yahoo.com/group/diy_3d_printing_and_fabrication/photos/recent/631409801/view
      > This way you would keep your lenses focussing and zooming abilities as
      > well as achieving those close throw distances we are looking for.
      > BTW: My replacement parts projector should arrive in 2-4 days, lots
      > faster than I had expected!
      > On 09/04/2011 10:34 PM, vrsculptor@... wrote:
      > >
      > > My HP 7030's stock minimum throw was about 14" before shimming the
      > > focus ring. I know it will go much smaller that 7" image.
      > >
      > > Roger
      > >
      > > > That is indeed interesting! Did you measure any minimum throw distances
      > > > for that projector off the shelve? You may have published this already
      > > > but you know how I tend to oversee things sometimes ;)
      > > > My brother is thinking in building a 3D printer after me and I may want
      > > > to indicate him as many parts that do not need tinkering as possible.
      > > >
      > >
      > >

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