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3519Re: I've got focus.

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  • vrsculptor@hotmail.com
    Sep 4, 2011
      I tried shimming the lens assembly out and got distortion. Admittedly my shimming was on the crude side and may have been the problem. That is why I ended up shimming the focusing ring. Your solution is much better, if you can fix the distortion, as you have a variable throw while mine if fixed.

      Please keep us posted.


      > This is something I have been giving some thought and doing some work as
      > well. While modifying my projector's optics, I have managed to forward
      > the optics module for about 2mm within the flange that supports it,
      > which provided the possibility to focus at significantly closer ranges:
      > From stock, my DLP was able to produce a smallest area of 230x280mm at
      > 530mm throw distance.
      > After modification I am now able to throw images of
      > 135x110mm at 230mm distance
      > 200x150mm at 350mm distance
      > 230x280mm at 475mm distance
      > This gives me a nice range of precisions and sizes to work with and has
      > urged me to modify my printer structure to accommodate a rail to support
      > the DLP. It's a pretty simple mod and this way I will be able to adjust
      > size and resolution to suit my needs. The only caveat here would be
      > calibrating dimensions from the 3D model to the print stage.
      > NOTE: while fiddling around with the (incredibly filthy) optics to clean
      > them up and shorten the throw I have introduced some distortion. I will
      > have to carefully tweak around the positioning of the lens module to
      > correct it.
      > In the meantime, my In-laws have arrived for a vacation and all the DIY
      > work is grinding to a halt.........
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