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2180RE: [diy_3d_printing_and_fabrication] Junionr, any news ?

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  • Paolo Velcich
    May 13, 2011

      Hello Junior,

      any news from your side ?

      It has been pretty a long time now, since you announced you would release the project and kit, soon.

      Your blog is pretty quiet since one month now.


      I'm almost getting ready to start again getting my hands dirty and I'm now pretty impatient to make it.


      Please keep us informed.


      Any other one going to hare some info on the matter ?







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      Hi Felix,

      Thank you for your comments!!!!

      The idea is not only to sell the full kit, but part of it or just the building plans (very cheap - just to support the development).

      Everyone will be able to build one for very low cost.



      --- In diy_3d_printing_and_fabrication@yahoogroups.com, Felice Masi <felicemasi@...> wrote:

      > I follow this ML with full admiration of the huge competence and
      commitment being showed out herein, but this time I can't keep my mouth shut.
      > --------------
      > First, thanks Junior for showing, like Afogassa did in the past, apart
      from uncommon skills and perseverance, much patience.
      > I am a little bit sad about the kit idea (I would be happy to buy plans
      and build it by myself), but mainly because it'll be a too expensive toy to feed a weekend-time passion :P
      > --------------
      > Now the complaining part, for the Mailing List.
      > Come on guys, what part of the NEAR-UV specification you did not
      > Junior specifically said that he started with an
      as-cheap-as-he-could-find, NEAR-UV, DLP projector.
      > By rule of thumb, I guess that's a 800x600 or a 1024x768 standard unit.
      > This means that if you don't want to lose precision, counting on what the
      market supplies, you can scale up to maximum twice the bin (horizontal size) he is actually using, while throwing a lot more bucks (4 to 6 times? maybe more) for a donor projector capable of twice the resolution.
      > Or you can keep the same size while (probably worthlessly) doubling linear
      > No one forbids, once the technology is well known, to couple together
      2/4/6 projectors under the same carriage, trim them, and get huge building bin.
      > But this is a very, very extreme step, I'd say worthy only for special
      > (imagine how to split each slice in 2/4/6, while distributing it across
      2/4/6 external monitors, and what if the various lamps have different ages/decaying ...)
      > --------------
      > As far as I understood, Junior chose NEAR-UV (projector and resin),
      because NEAR-UV projectors are currently available into mainstream market, while strictly UV ones are not, and certainly cost many times more.
      > Would it be an advantage to use proper UV projectors?
      > Probably.
      > They might cure proper UV resins more quickly.
      > But then you'd eventually have to spend 10 times the amount to get a
      slightly better/quicker result.
      > ----------------
      > All of this said, I'll go back in my admired watching oblivion.
      > Please, do not mess up the ML.
      > Felix

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