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1030Polyethylene glicol

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  • fabioprimaio
    Nov 1, 2009
      I have quite experience in industrial inkjet design, you can see my first wide inkjet head in Ciabo photo,I suggest you to use polyethylene glycol in place of vodka,isopropyl or other spirit with deionized water in amount of 5-20%(variable if you use piezo or thermal head and from molecular weight of PEG)

      PEG prevent nozzle clogging,reduce drop dry fly, improve wet angle conctat.

      Also I suggest to use semisintetic gypsum,it need only 1/3 of water ,show more strength and fine details without PVA.

      Some ZCorp patents are no granted and many of those are invalid in Europe and therefore in many country with the same patent law court system like China and so on.

      Some people use Arduino www.arduino.cc, is cheap and easy to fit, unfortunately I'm not able to program it. Could be a good plateform to 3DP?

      I hope this interesting to the project,

      ciao Fabio
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