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Re: Vatican working on Divine Comedy Rock Opera!

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  • roncriss
    Btw, you can view a video at the official site: http://www.ladivinacommediaopera.it/ Looks pretty cool! The article attempts to sensationalize the new, by
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 4, 2007
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      Btw, you can view a video at the official site:


      Looks pretty cool! The article attempts to sensationalize the new, by
      calling it "punk", but Marco Frisina is a respectedclassical
      musician. His website is at:



      --- In divinacommedia@yahoogroups.com, roncriss <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Vatican plans punk version of Divine Comedy
      > [Published: Wednesday 3, January 2007 - 09:38]
      > By John Phillips in Rome
      > The Vatican has challenged purist Roman Catholics by disclosing
      > for a daring rock, punk and jazz opera version of Dante's Divine
      > Comedy with a soundtrack written by an avant-garde priest.
      > Monsignor Marco Frisina uses rock music as background for the
      > Inferno, Gregorian chants for Purgatory and lyrical and symphonic
      > classical and modern music for the advent of Paradise in the
      > set to be staged in the autumn.
      > After a premier in a leading Rome theatre sponsored jointly by the
      > Vatican and Italy's two houses of parliament, the extravaganza will
      > tour other major Italian and European cities "to bring back the
      > attention of the widest public to Dante's immortal poem", Riccardo
      > Rossi, director general of Nova Ars, the company producing the
      > told La Repubblica newspaper.
      > The director, Elisabetta Marchetti, is recruiting a cast of 20
      > actors, 30 ballet dancers led by the choreographer Anna Cuocolo, a
      > 100-piece orchestra and 50 extras while as many as 250 costumes
      > be designed by Alberto Spiazzi. The screenplay for the ambitious
      > production, which is officially entitled The Divine Comedy, the
      > Opera, and subtitled "The man who seeks love," is being written by
      > Gianmario Pagano, with the sets being designed by Paolo Micciche.
      > The story will be represented by 150 images, projected by six
      > advanced technical systems, which will give the audience the
      > impression of sitting next to the actors and dancers.
      > Rehearsals are due to start at the end of this month, meaning that
      > the casting for actors to play Dante, Virgil and Beatrice should be
      > disclosed imminently. "The only thing certain is that Dante will be
      > interpreted by a very well known Italian singer-actor," said Mr
      > Rossi.
      > Dismissing suggestions that Dante's haunting literary work might be
      > considered to have little relevance to modern life, Mgr Frisina,
      > has written the screenplays for popular Italian television films on
      > the lives of two previous popes, John Paul II and John Paul I, said
      > he was dedicating the unusual work to Pope Benedict XVI.
      > "It is highly relevant... the poem is an inexhaustible source of
      > stories, messages and teaching... his characters, while belonging
      > past epochs, speak to the men of today with their desire for
      > knowledge, their fears, but essentially with their wish for
      > toward divine beauty," he told la Repubblica. "This is the poem of
      > our Christian roots, of our faith, the opera of man in search of
      > love, of the true sense of life... that is why I dedicate this
      > musical version of the Commedia to Benedict XVI, the Pope who
      > dedicated his first encyclical to love."
      > Mgr Frisina said that he would use heavy metal rhythms, punk rock
      > jazz to recount Hell, Gregorian mystical music for Purgatory and a
      > triumphant explosion of lyrical and symphonic music, modern as well
      > as classical, to usher in Paradise.
      > Recent years have seen a revival of interest in the Divine Comedy
      > Italy, with numerous public readings.
      > http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/world-news/article2122002.ece
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