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86Re: [Divina Commedia] Who was the man?

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  • David Camp
    Nov 8, 2006
      Thank you for the suggestions, but here we diverge. What I admire about the poem is its synthesis of structure (I am similary mathematical), its profound human insight, the power of the art, the love story, the attempt to portray a wholeness of creation, and the upward growth culminating in a striving for God. On the one hand I am doing the same things in a different medium, and on the other hand I use his poem as a point of departure to represent the "Western" half of an East/West whole. As I noted before, as a visual artist I am really more comfortable with my intuitive side, so it is my Cyclic Dharma side that is more purely me. Divine Comedy / Cyclic Dharma, DC / CD, David Camp / http://www.dantesworld.net/Art.htm


      That's what I mean by suggesting that you are projecting. Critiquing
      your view is half the battle. Of course we can never totally avoid
      subjectivity and we will always interpret anything in refernce to
      personal experience. The problem is that most people are quite happy
      in their synthetic ignorance.

      I highly recommend Ciardi's translation as the notes are very good in
      putting everything in context and explining allusions. If I recall
      correctly there is even a decent, though brief, biographical account
      as well.

      I would also recommend the book "Dante", by Jefferson Butler Fletcher
      as a good overview of Dante's theology. I see used copies for sale at
      amazon.com in both hardcover and paperback. You might even find it at
      a used book store.


      --- In divinacommedia@yahoogroups.com, "David Camp" <dcamp@...> wrote:
      > Given what I just said about how a person's comments on the
      poem say as much about the person making the comment as they say about
      the poem itself, I suppose my comment about how Dante must have been
      troubled by the damnation of sincerely good people says something
      about me and how I feel. I've tried my very best to wash away all
      subjectivity so I could find something true and alive, not so many
      words to be wrestled over (doctrine), but rather something true and
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