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74Re: [Divina Commedia] Who was the man?

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  • David Camp
    Nov 5, 2006
      Towards the end of Dante's "day" those in power in Florence begrudgingly recognized him as enough of a poet so that they would have allowed him to return to his home if he had done so with his tail between his legs, but they apparently didn't think enough of him to allow him to do so without conditions he could not accept, so it would seem he was never recognized in his own day as a literary giant like he is today. Like many who are original, he was a mystery to most people. I read somewhere that some viewed him as some sort of magician, all those learned books and writing about dark creatures in other worlds I suppose. In fact he does fit the general definition of a shaman if you view that as a visionary who describes travels to another world, be it real, imagined, or the stuff of dreams. He was extremely intelligent, extremely driven, most probably in touch with Spirit in some way, and, because most people do not know in their current life what such a state feels like, misunderstood.

      This is my weekend to ask the silly questions I would never ask the folks who know me:

      I have been a fan of Dante for a great many years. Although I have only read him maybe 5
      times. Always on my own just for enjoyment. Some of my reading recently is making me
      wonder how he was taken in his day?

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