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72Re: Who was the man?

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  • roncriss
    Nov 5, 2006

      Dante didn't invent limbo. He was just going on contemporary
      theological speculation. That's all limbo has ever been is
      speculation. It was never decreed by the Church as dogma. Just
      theologians trying to figure out a soltion to a question. Over time
      people simply began to believe it.

      Dante had to be creative and use his imagination in his writing. He
      built on current ideas as well as his own. The Divine Comedy is
      fiction, not fact. The message, however, is true. It is an elaborate
      metaphor of the spiritual life.

      Dante was a political outcast from his own town. Its fair to say
      that some respected him and some hated him.


      --- In divinacommedia@yahoogroups.com, "Treshell Azizia Jones"
      <dogread@...> wrote:
      > This is my weekend to ask the silly questions I would never ask
      the folks who know me:>
      > I have been a fan of Dante for a great many years. Although I
      have only read him maybe 5
      > times. Always on my own just for enjoyment. Some of my reading
      recently is making me
      > wonder how he was taken in his day? I always assumed from my
      reading of him that he was
      > taken by all as perhaps a great read, but pretty much 'loony'.
      At the very least, if he were
      > here today my kind husband would have him heavily medicated. Yet
      he is were we got the
      > place of limbo that the nuns taught us about in school. Now I
      even find out that along with
      > praying for the fighting Irish to always win the football games,
      teaching us about limbo was
      > not really handed down by the Pope.
      > Question is as I reread this material should I be looking at it as
      > Treshell
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