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66Re: Dorothy Sayers

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  • roncriss
    Oct 18, 2006

      I'll keep my eyes open for that DVD. Sounds good. I've read a
      smattering of Nero Wolfe stuff. I also like Father Brown, but good
      old Sherlock is my favorite! But, who knows?, maybe Lord Wimsey will
      give him some competition.


      --- In divinacommedia@yahoogroups.com, "Kathleen Spaltro"
      <kathleen.spaltro@...> wrote:
      > Dear Ron,
      > You WILL become addicted. When we were first married, 20 years
      > John and I read all of the Wimsey books in a gulp. The best are
      > ones that include Harriet Vane. Enjoy!
      > We have been watching (on DVD) the Timothy Hutton/Maury Chaykin TV
      > series on Nero Wolfe, Rex Stout's detective. This was amazingly
      > done.
      > Kathy
      > --- In divinacommedia@yahoogroups.com, roncriss <no_reply@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Kathleen,
      > >
      > > Your mention of Dorothy Sayer's translation caused me to pick up
      > > collection of Lord Peter Wimsey stories I had on the shelf. The
      > > introduction to that book caused me to pick up the first Peter
      > > novel, "Whose Body?" I now see that Lord Peter is a Dante
      collector as
      > > well as a sleuth! Now if I develop an addiction to Peter Wimsey
      > > Dorothy Sayer's books its all your fault!
      > >
      > > Ron
      > >
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