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252Re: [ditkomania] Ditko's spreadsheet info

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  • kitchent@aol.com
    Jan 8, 2009
      Ditko does receive reprint money when his Marvel work is reprinted, and as far as I know he does cash the checks.

      Tom B

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      From: Tony Isabella <tonyisa@...>
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      Sent: Thu, 8 Jan 2009 7:11 pm
      Subject: Re: [ditkomania] Ditko's spreadsheet info

      At 06:48 PM 1/7/2009, Bill wrote:

      >>>I thought that we had no idea of what Ditko's exact financial
      situation was or is...<<<

      It's none of our business, but, since the issue has been raised, I'll
      ask a question.

      Does Ditko receive/refuse Marvel reprint/royalty checks when his
      Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, and other Marvel work is reprinted? That
      could be a tidy sum of money over the years, especially given how
      much of his work has been reprinted.

      The number of stories that I wrote for Marvel is miniscule compared
      to how many stories Ditko drew. Yet I've made some decent money when
      the company reprinted those stories in comic books, trade paperbacks, etc.
      Even on a royalty basis, Ditko should be receiving some serious money.

      Tony Isabella

      http://www.worldfam ouscomics. com/tony

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