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1Welcome to DITKOMANIA!

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  • Rob Imes
    Dec 6 2:08 PM

      Welcome to the DITKOMANIA Yahoo Group! This is the message board
      section of the site, where DM readers and contributors (as well as
      those who might like to <i>become</i> DM readers and contributors)
      can post comments about the fanzine (past, present, and future)!

      What is "on-topic" on this board? Good question. My view is that
      anything relating to DITKOMANIA (and what appears in its pages,
      including contributors) and Steve Ditko is "on-topic."

      So, posts about particular DM contributors (fan artists, reviewers,
      etc.) ARE on-topic. But if the topic veers far afield from the
      subject of this board, please put an OT (for "off-topic") at the
      beginning of your subject title, so that potential readers know at a
      glance that it is off-topic.

      I also intend to use this board to keep readers up-to-date with news
      about DM (since I don't yet have a website for the zine). I also
      will ask posters from time to time if they have anything they'd like
      to submit (art, articles, etc.) about a particular topic.

      Well, that's all for now. I hope that this proves to be a good
      online supplement to the printed magazine.

      Thanks for posting,

      Rob Imes,
      DITKOMANIA Editor/Publisher.