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Re: Map reuse for language

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  • David
    Hi Leigh, That s pretty much where I d arrived at - using a batch script. On the one hand, I can see it makes sense to have one map - one publication -
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 1, 2011
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      Hi Leigh,

      That's pretty much where I'd arrived at - using a batch script.

      On the one hand, I can see it makes sense to have one map -> one publication -> various transform(s). It forces you to properly consider the content for each language / publication.

      But, realistically, it will end up as a map copying exercise, or copy-find-replace, or something.

      I'm planning to conkeyref in localised UI terms, and it did go through my mind (albeit briefly!) to expand this for all content. But the issue of multiple hrefs doesn't go away. It'd just end up utterly bewildering!

      Many thanks to all,

      --- In dita-users@yahoogroups.com, LW White <lwwhite5@...> wrote:
      > Hi David,
      > A client I've been working with, who translates into 20+ languages, is using a method much like the one Norbert outlined, with success. As you say, it does require copying the map into multiple locations, and I can see the redundancy if the maps are always exactly identical. Might you ever have an instance where a topic might be appropriate for one language but not for another? If so, there would be value in language-specific maps.
      > Otherwise, I can only imagine creating some kind of conditional processing on the href attribute of your topicrefs, to call the topics from different language folders. I admit, I can't begin to think of how to implement this, and I can definitely see it becoming spaghetti should your folder structure change or become more complex.
      > What I *can* easily see is a simple script or batch file to automatically copy your map into those language folders :-)
      > Best,
      > Leigh
      > 8a. Map reuse for language
      > Posted by: "David" dhollis@... davidjbh
      > Date: Mon Feb 28, 2011 5:13 am ((PST))
      > When a group of topics are translated, is there an easy way to reuse the original map for the translated content?
      > I'm trying to avoid duplicating a map just for the sake of redirecting all the topicrefs to the translated content.
      > Or maybe I'm just being naïve or lazy? Maybe there's a good reason for each language to have its own map?
      > MTIA
      > David
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