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Re: Param using file path instead of URI

This is probably wrong and can be removed: I think it should work, if scci.output.javascript-dir is
Kendall Shaw
7:00 PM

Fwd: Param using file path instead of URI

Oops. Was in a hurry. DITA-OT1.6.3 ... From: Joe Williams Date: Wed, Jul 29, 2015, 5:47 PM Subject: Param using file path instead of
Joe Williams
6:03 PM

Param using file path instead of URI

I need to add a directory containing javascript files to the HTML output for a product. The
Joe Williams
3:48 PM

Re: Reltable question

I think the way it SHOULD work (haven't tested this) is if the topicref doesn't have an href, then it should just get text. For example, if this was an xref,
Michael Priestley
12:53 PM

Re: Reltable question

If it doesn't work to just put a topichead there then you might need to create a "bibliography entry" topic to serve as a proxy for the document (which might
Eliot Kimber
12:00 PM

Re: Reltable question

Boy was that really English that I wrote? ;) What I meant to say was we want to include a relationship table, but one of the entries in that reltable we want
Wayne Brisette
11:37 AM

Re: specify correct order of catalog references in catalog-dita.xml

TL;DR: No. Since there is no intrinsic "correct order", you'd need to specify it. Unfortunately it's currently not possible since this is a new of requirement.
Jarno Elovirta
10:59 AM

Re: Reltable question

Do you filter your documentation per @audience or @otherprops ? You could remove the reference for a specific audience or use 2 keydefs one for internal, one
Bertrand Lefort
9:23 AM

Reltable question

I have a unique situation that I can't seem to crack. One of the documents we want to put in a relationship table is not available to the general public. This
Wayne Brisette
9:13 AM

Re: Long TOC entries

For 1.6.3 you should be able to just swap in the FOP 1.1 libraries in place of what comes out of the box. Basically, just copy the fop/ directory from the
Eliot Kimber
7:47 AM

Re: Long TOC entries

The OT version is probably not what's making the difference. The OT simply aggregates your map into a single large DITA XML document, then converts that to an
7:32 AM

Re: Numbering nested concepts

Thank you very much Eliot
5:45 AM

Re: Long TOC entries

Thanks. This did the trick for our 1.8.4 OT. We are also using 1.6.3, but this fix didn't work for that OT version.
Jul 28

Content Curation -- Are you signed up?

Hi, Sorry to introduce a non-DITA topic in this forum, but I want to remind everyone that CIDM has a full day, online conference tomorrow, Wednesday, July 29,
    Hackos, Joann
    Jul 28
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    Re: Numbering nested concepts

    The "local:getChapterNumber()" function in my example would be a local function that contains the business logic in the current code for getting the number of
    Eliot Kimber
    Jul 28
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